Quarantine Options


In our Brentwood Return to School Plan (shared on June 15th), we noted that as we prepare for the return to campus in September we have a duty of care to meet the criteria for the Government of Canada and specifically, British Columbia’s international travel quarantine upon arrival. Currently, the government has mandated a 14-day quarantine period. This means that prior to arrival to campus students travelling from outside of Canada will have to quarantine for 14 full days. We strongly recommend that our students spend this quarantine in British Columbia as close to the School as possible.

Brentwood understands that meeting the criteria for this quarantine period is a needed precaution for the health and safety of our students and staff. We realize it is not an ideal scenario for our students to start the year but we are committed to providing the best possible experience given the circumstances. There are several options for our families to achieve the quarantine criteria. These include:

PLEASE NOTE - Arrival - Students must begin their 14-day quarantine no later than Monday, August 24th to ensure their arrival on campus for September 8th.

Quarantine Travel Planning

Travel planning for the beginning of school and Quarantine planning can be found on our Orientation site and Travel site.

The options for our families travelling to Canada for the quarantine are as follows:

1. Travel as a Family

This option is for families who will be accompanying their student(s) for their arrival in BC, quarantine and subsequent travel to the School. This means families will be responsible for organizing their own accommodations for the 14-day quarantine period and travel to the School.

2. Quarantine with Family or Friends

This option is for families who are able to arrange accommodation with extended family or perhaps Brentwood friends for students travelling on their own.

3. Brentwood Quarantine Program

The care, safety, and wellness of your child(ren) are our priorities. Please know that once your child(ren) arrives, they will be immediately embraced by the Brentwood family and will be thoroughly guided during every step of their 14-day quarantine period.

This option is for our families knowing that not all of you will be travelling with your student(s). Brentwood has partnered with a local hotel to enable all our unaccompanied students travelling to Canada to meet the quarantine criteria under the supervision of the School. At this location, each of these students will be in their own room as part of the entire Brentwood quarantine group. To support our students Brentwood chaperones (male and female) will be present at all times and the School will provide limited programming on a daily basis.

All students arriving from out of the country and utilizing the Brentwood quarantine program are expected to begin their quarantine time on Monday, August 24th so they will need to arrive at Victoria International Airport (YYJ) no later than Sunday, August 23rd. Upon arrival at the Victoria Airport, students will be greeted by Brentwood staff and transported directly to the quarantine residence. Where they will be met by Brentwood staff chaperones and checked into rooms. Once the students have met the 14-day quarantine, and are symptom-free, we will transport them to campus and they will begin the School year in earnest.

The program for the 14 days will consist of a routine that will be set up in the following way.

Daily Plan

  • Breakfast every morning delivered by Brentwood food services

  • Daily health check to monitor for any illness completed by chaperones and students

  • Daily visit from school administrators/Houseparents/Health centre staff, to meet and check in on the students

  • Daily school orientation meetings including IT set up, clothing sizing, school pictures, academic orientation and advisor contact.

  • Lunch provided by Brentwood food services

  • Afternoon physical activity chaperoned by Brentwood staff

  • Zoom meetings for all quarantined students

  • Dinner provided by Brentwood food services

  • Evening routine: to be determined based on entertainment options

  • Structured lights out schedule every evening.

The cost for the Brentwood Quarantine Plan is $2000.00 CAD (which will be charged to your Brentwood account) This cost includes:

  • Transportation to the hotel and Brentwood campus

  • Accommodation in a private room for 14 days

  • Three meals per day/supplied by Brentwood food services

  • Pre-orientation support (visits from admin, houseparent, health centre, IT, etc.)

  • Chaperones and supervision

The accommodations, and cleaning protocols can be viewed at the links below.



Please Complete The Quarantine Form

So we are well prepared to welcome your child(ren) to Brentwood, we ask that you, as a family, please let us know which option, of the three outlined, you will be choosing to ensure your quarantine is met by filling in the google form linked below by Wednesday, July 1st.


Thank you in advance for sharing your plans. For those families choosing to quarantine with us we will notify you of any changes or additions to the program as needed.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Liam Sullivan

Deputy Head - Student Life