Start of Year Arrivals

Given the federal and provincial governments’ expectations of anyone travelling from outside the country to create, share, and execute a 14-day quarantine plan, we ask that all students ensure they have completed this prior to their day of arrival on campus. International students, in particular, must begin to plan as customs agents at all ports of entry into Canada will ask to see one’s plan. Many of you will wish to serve this quarantine in British Columbia, travelling together as a family, or perhaps arrange this stay with friends or extended family.

Along with this mandatory quarantine period for our international and US students, we will be accepting new and returning students from Canada in a staggered arrival based on their Canadian residence - please see below.

Quarantine Travel Planning

Travel planning for the beginning of school and Quarantine planning can be found on our Orientation site and Travel site.

Sunday, September 6th by 3:00 pm Student Executive Committee (SEC)

Monday, September 7th by 5:00 pm Orientation Assistants

Tuesday, September 8th by 11:00 am International Boarders

Wednesday, September 9th by 11:00 am Canadian Boarders

Thursday, September 10th by 11:00 am BC Boarders/Day students

Friday, September 11th First day of classes