School Calendar

In order to ensure the safety of our students and staff, in addition to the mitigation strategies outlined in this document, we have made changes to the school calendar. Please also note the changes to protocols for arrivals and breaks as delineated below.


At the start of the year, we will schedule a staggered return to campus. Furthermore, to ensure the strongest possible continuity of learning and in recognition of travel restrictions, we have altered our major calendar dates. During short holiday periods such as Thanksgiving, mid-terms, and spring break, we will offer programs/activities for those students, particularly, international boarders, that may not be able to return home.

As you will note, we recognize the need for all students to be able to return home during the winter break while still allowing for international travellers to complete the current 14-day quarantine requirement upon return to Canada. For this purpose, we will have international students return to Canada on January 3rd to quarantine for 2 weeks before the rest of our students return on January 17th. During this period all students will take part in distance learning online from January 12th to 16th. More information on breaks will be made available this summer.