Campus Life

As a centre for learning, we will teach our students the rationale, protocols, and expectations for mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Students, staff, and parents share in the responsibility of ensuring the health and wellness of our community. We believe that our students, as always, will rise to the occasion and support the guidelines outlined in this document.


While we are fortunate to have a large oceanfront campus, we will also be implementing mitigation strategies throughout our buildings and on campus itself to help minimize potential exposure for our students and staff including clearly marked traffic flows and visitor protocols.

“We feel that our plan to return to school will look and feel like Brentwood, but it is important to note that for us to be able to return, there will be some distinct differences.” - Liam Sullivan, Deputy Head - Student Life


The provincial government’s adoption of a 120 person cohort strategy for secondary schools, allows the School to maximize the ability for our brother/sister houses to safely interact both inside and outside of the classroom environment, while also engaging our day student population within these cohorts. In conjunction with the cohort strategy, we will also implement other mitigation strategies to allow for safer interactions for students during their daily routines at Brentwood.

While each of our eight (8) boarding houses are uniquely designed, all houses will implement key mitigation strategies including:

  • Daily health checks

  • To avoid congestion, rescheduled routines (both evening and morning)

  • Increased scheduled washroom cleanings

  • Increased access to handwashing spaces and hand sanitizing materials

  • Limited day student and visitor access to boarding houses


We embrace the importance our vibrant day student community brings to our campus and we are committed to providing the space and opportunity for our day students to feel fully engaged in the Brentwood program. Just as we ask our boarding students to perform daily health checks, with the support of their parents, we ask Day students to complete the attached daily health check and follow the directions as needed in terms of communication with the school about absence or contacting local health authorities to arrange testing as needed.


The following checklist is to be completed by parents and caregivers of day students and by staff prior to coming to school. Boarders should follow the Brentwood Daily Health Routine protocols posted in the houses.

Brentwood COVID-19 Daily Health Checklist, Updated Sept. 21, 2020


One of our new mitigation practices for the start of the year will be the drop-off and pick-up of all Day students at the Eldon & Anne Foote Centre parking lot. Each morning, they will use the space in the Foote centre to organize themselves and prepare for the day ahead.

New for the start of the year and to support the government’s guideline of reducing density, Day students will be provided lockers in the Foote Centre and will not be allowed to enter the residences. The exception will be for Grade 12 Day students who will all play a leadership role in their houses. Day students remain an integral part of our school culture and will be a part of their cohort dinners, social events and House based activities. Rest assured, should pandemic restrictions change, we will review conditions and work to return to normal boarding house access for all our students.

(see Day Bus below)


For parents/families we request that you refrain from coming on campus unless you have a scheduled appointment. If you have an appointment from Monday - Friday (7:30 am-7:00 pm) or Saturday (8:00 am-4:30 pm), please park at the Foote parking lot and report directly to Reception in the Ross Building. Outside of these hours, please park at the Foote parking lot and directly contact the staff member you are scheduled to meet with to arrange access to campus.


We will be increasing the number of buses travelling on both the Duncan and Langford routes to allow for physical distancing.

Mitigation Strategies

  • Increased buses for both Duncan and Langford routes.

  • Larger vehicles will be used to allow for physical distancing.

  • Students will need to remain in their vehicle to allow for maximum physical distancing at the stop. However, if this is not possible then we ask that students maintain a 2m distance while waiting.

  • Bus drivers will exit the bus before passengers are allowed on.

  • Students will be required to sanitize hands, using the sani-station mounted at the front of the bus, before entering the vehicle.

  • Students are required to wear masks for the duration of the trip, including loading and unloading.

  • Students will load the bus from the back to the front.

  • Students will exit the bus from the front to the back, after the driver has stepped outside.

  • Driver will wipe down door frames, stair handles, seat back tops, and any other high touch areas after each trip.

  • All buses will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the end of every day. We will be using the Victory Electrostatic Sanitizing machine.


Our student life activities and clubs (SAC, SPARC, BEAT, OMNI, Grad) are essential to the Brentwood experience and we plan to fully run these programs. Our across campus mitigation strategies will apply to these activities. Staff sponsors are already in the planning phase and will work with our Grade 12 leaders to ensure positive engagement.


We recognize that accessing our local community amenities is important for our students. We will ensure that students are aware of and respect proper hygiene, physical distancing, and face covering protocols that are defined by our local merchants.

Should you have any questions about Boarding/Student Life/Day Students, please contact Liam Sullivan, Deputy Head - Student Life.


Our Food Services team is looking forward to having our students back on campus. We are working on some new menu ideas and cannot wait for our students to try them. While the delivery of our food items will be different, the food will be as good as ever and, as always, we will be using as much sustainable local BC and Canadian foods as possible.

Mitigation Strategies

  • To avoid congestion and support we will vary dining times

  • Plated or takeout meals

  • Food services staff use PPE such as gloves and face coverings

  • Use of physical barriers

  • Dining hall seating will be by house cohorts to reduce any risk of infection.

  • Increased cleaning throughout the dining hall will include continuous cleaning of high touch points such as tables, chairs and door handles

Entry, exit, and meal times

We will have one-way flow through Crooks Hall with separate entrance and exit points during meal service. On entry, clearly visible physical distance spacing tactics will be implemented that will include floor stamps and stanchions. While we will encourage hand washing before and after meals, touchless hand sanitizers will be on hand before entering the line-up and on the way out of the dining hall.

To reduce density and increase physical distancing, we will have staggered meal times with longer hours. McNeill’s Cafe will be available throughout the day with new drinks and snacks along with our most popular items.

Meal delivery

Touch points will be minimized, and all food will be passed to our students, staff and guests individually and directly from behind barriers. We will have take-out or “grab and go” options for students with a reminder to use appropriate compost, recycling, and trash bins.

At this point, self-service buffet style meals are allowed, however, we will start the year with a more cautious approach to serving before we move to more of a self-service model. For the first two weeks of dining we will practice a high safety meal service so that staff and our students are prepared to shift to it if necessary later in the year. This high safety serving means food services will plate and serve food, cutlery, napkins and drinks for our students, staff, and guests. After everyone is familiar with the procedure we will introduce some self-service items such as the salad bar and beverages. As always, students with dietary restrictions or needs will be supported with specially prepared meals. Should students require help, we encourage them to contact any one of our Food Services members who would be most pleased to assist them.

We will still have our famous Sunday brunch!

Food remains central to our student experience and, unlike many boarding or post-secondary institutions, Brentwood’s passion for delivering healthy, locally sourced, and high-quality food is a priority.

We will still have our famous Sunday brunch!

Food remains central to our student experience and, unlike many boarding or post-secondary institutions, Brentwood’s passion for delivering healthy, locally sourced, and high-quality food is a priority.

Should you have any questions about Food Services, please contact Morgan Milward, Manager of Food Services.